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The revolt of the masses. Authorized translation from the Spanish
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Ortega y Gasset, Josâe, (1883-1955)

The revolt of the masses. Authorized translation from the Spanish

[25th anniversary ed.

New York, Norton [1957, c1932

Abstract: Social upheaval in early 20th-century Europe is the historical setting for this seminal study by the Spanish philosopher, Jose Ortega y Gasset. Continuously in print since 1932, Ortega's vision of Western culture as sinking to its lowest common denominator and drifting toward chaos brought its author international fame and has remained one of the influential books of the 20th century.

The transformations of man.
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Mumford, Lewis, (1895-1990.)

The transformations of man.

[1st ed.]

New York, Harper, [1956]

An outline of a theory of civilization. Translated by David A. Dilworth and G. Cameron Hurst.
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Fukuzawa, Yukichi

An outline of a theory of civilization. Translated by David A. Dilworth and G. Cameron Hurst.

Tokyo, Sophia University [1973]

UNESCO collection of representative works.

Abstract: Yukichi Fukuzawa rose from low samurai origins to become one of the finest intellectuals and social thinkers of modern Japan. Through his best-selling works, he helped transform an isolated feudal nation into a full-fledged international force. In Outline of a Theory of Civilization, the author's most sustained philosophical text, Fukuzawa translates and adapts a range of Western works for a Japanese audience, establishing the social, cultural, and political avenues through which Japan could connect with other countries. Echoing the ideas of Western contemporaries such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman, Fukuzawa encouraged a grassroots elevation of the individual and national spirit, as well as free initiative in the private domain. Fukuzawa's bold project articulated thoughts that, for him, bolstered the material evidence of Western civilization. He argued that the essential difference separating Western countries from Japan and Asia was the extent to which citizens acted like free and responsible individuals. This careful new translation, accompanied by a comprehensive critical introduction, highlights the truly transnational aspects of Outline of a Theory of Civilization and its status as a foundational text of modern Japanese civilization. Approaching Fukuzawa's progressive thought with a fresh eye, these scholars elucidate the monumental and peerless quality of his work.

Everyday life
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Sheringham, Michael

Everyday life : theories and practices from surrealism to the present / Michael Sheringham

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c. 2006

Abstract: The notion of the everyday is at the heart of modern French cultural and Anglo-American cultural studies. This book provides a detailed map of this territory, linking the pioneering work of such key figures as Georges Perec and Michel de Certeau, to currents in Surrealism, ethnography, fiction, film, and photography.

Economics of good and evil
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Sedlâaécek, Tomâaés <1977->

Economics of good and evil : the quest for economic meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street / Tomas Sedlacek.

New York : Oxford University Press, c2011.

Abstract: Argues that economics is a cultural phenomenon, rather than a strictly mathematical entity, that is found in mythology, religion, philosophy, psychology, literature, and film. Tomas Sedlacek has shaken the study of economics as few ever have. Named one of the "Young Guns" and one of the "five hot minds in economics" by the Yale Economic Review, he serves on the National Economic Council in Prague, where his provocative writing has achieved bestseller status. How has he done it? By arguing a simple, almost heretical proposition: economics is ultimately about good and evil. In The Economics of Good and Evil, Sedlacek radically rethinks his field, challenging our assumptions about the world. Economics is touted as a science, a value-free mathematical inquiry, he writes, but it's actually a cultural phenomenon, a product of our civilization. It began within philosophy-Adam Smith himself not only wrote The Wealth of Nations, but also The Theory of Moral Sentiments-and economics, as Sedlacek shows, is woven out of history, myth, religion, and ethics. "Even the most sophisticated mathematical model," Sedlacek writes, "is, de facto, a story, a parable, our effort to (rationally) grasp the world around us." Economics not only describes the world, but establishes normative standards, identifying ideal conditions. Science, he claims, is a system of beliefs to which we are committed. To grasp the beliefs underlying economics, he breaks out of the field's confines with a tour de force exploration of economic thinking, broadly defined, over the millennia. He ranges from the epic of Gilgamesh and the Old Testament to the emergence of Christianity, from Descartes and Adam Smith to the consumerism in Fight Club. Throughout, he asks searching meta-economic questions: What is the meaning and the point of economics? Can we do ethically all that we can do technically? Does it pay to be good? Placing the wisdom of philosophers and poets over strict mathematical models of human behavior, Sedlacek's groundbreaking work promises to change the way we calculate economic value.

An essay on the history of the civil society
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Ferguson, Adam <1723-1816.>

An essay on the history of the civil society / Adam Ferguson ; with a new introd. by Louis Schneider.

New Brunswick, N.J. : Transaction Books, c1980.

Social science classics series

Abstract: Adam Ferguson's Essay on the History of Civil Society (first published in 1767) is a classic of the Scottish - and European - Enlightenment. Drawing on such diverse sources as classical authors and contemporary travel literature, Ferguson offers a complex model of historical advance which challenges both Hume's and Smith's embrace of modernity and the primitivism of Rousseau. Ferguson combines a subtle analysis of the emergence of modern commercial society with a critique of its abandonment of civic and communal virtues. Central to Ferguson's theory of citizenship are the themes of conflict, play, political participation and military valour. The Essay is a bold and novel attempt to reclaim the tradition of active, virtuous citizenship and apply it to the modern state.

Guns, germs, and steel
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Diamond, Jared M.

Guns, germs, and steel : the fates of human societies / Jared Diamond ; [with a new afterword about the modern world].

New York : Norton, 1999.

Abstract: An intriguing study of the rise of civilization argues that human development is not based on race or ethnic differences but rather is linked to biological diversity, discussing the evolution of agriculture, technology, writing, political systems, and religious belief. Reprint.

The Afrocentric idea
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Asante, Molefi Kete

The Afrocentric idea / Molefi Kete Asante

Revised and expanded edition.

Philadelphia : Temple university press, 1998

Abstract: This new edition of The Afrocentric Idea boldly confronts the contemporary challenges that have been launched against Molefi Kete Asante's philosophical, social, and cultural theory. By rendering a critique of some post-modern positions as well as the old structured Eurocentric orientations discussed in the first edition, this new edition contains lively engagements with views expressed by Mary Lefkowitz, Paul Gilroy, and Cornel West. Expanding on his core ideas, Asante has cast The Afrocentric Idea in the tradition of provocative critiques of the established social order. This is a fresh and dynamic location of culture within the context of social change.

The plan for perpetual peace, On the government of Poland, and other writings on history and politics
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Rousseau, Jean-Jacques <1712-1778.>

The plan for perpetual peace, On the government of Poland, and other writings on history and politics / Jean-Jacques Rousseau ; translated by Christopher Kelly and Judith Bush ; edited by Christopher Kelly.

Hanover, N.H. : Dartmouth College Press : University Press of New England 2005

The collected writings of Rousseau ; II

Abstract: These abridgements of The Plan for Perpetual Peace (published 1761), On the Government of Poland (1771-1772), and Jean-Jacques Rousseau's other writings on history and politics represent his considerations of the practical applications of key principles developed in his best-known theoretical writings. In this latest volume in the classic series, Rousseau reflects on projects for a European union; the possibilities for governmental reform for France, including the polysynody experiment; international relations; and the establishment of governments for Poland and Corsica, both recently liberated from foreign oppression. Taken together, these works offer definitive insights into Rousseau's decidedly nonutopian thoughts on cosmopolitanism and nationalism, and on the theory and practice of politics.

Homo ludens; a study of the play-element in culture.
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Huizinga, Johan, (1872-1945.)

Homo ludens; a study of the play-element in culture.

Boston, Beacon Press [1955, c1950]

The book of memory
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Carruthers, Mary J. <1941->

The book of memory : a study of memory in medieval culture / Mary Carruthers.

2nd ed.

New York : Cambridge University Press, 2008.

Cambridge studies in medieval literature

Abstract: A fully revised and updated edition of this influential work of scholarship.

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Berardi, Franco <1949- >

Futurability : the age of impotence and the horizon of possibility / Franco ´Bifo´ Berardi

London ; New York : Verso, 2019. - viii, 246 p. ; 20 cm

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Abstract: A comprehensive philosophy of contemporary life and politics, by one of the sharpest critics of the present ; A comprehensive philosophy of contemporary life and politics, by one of the sharpest critics of the presentWe live in an age of impotence. Stuck between global war and global finance, between identity and capital, we seem incapable of producing the radical change that is so desperately needed. Meanwhile the struggle for dominance over the world is a battlefield with only two protagonists: the forces of neoliberalism on one side, and the new order led by the likes of Trump and Putin on the other. How can we imagine a new emancipatory vision, capable of challenging the deadlock of the present? Is there still a way to disentangle ourselves from a global order that shapes our politics as well as our imagination? In this inspired work, renowned Italian theorist Franco Berardi tackles this question through a grounded yet visionary analysis of three concepts fundamental to his understanding of the present: possibility, potency, and power. Characterizing possibility as content, potency as energy, and power as form, Berardi suggests that the road to emancipation unspools from an awareness that the field of the possible is only limited, and not created, by the power structures behind it. Other futures and other worlds are always already inscribed within the present, despite power's attempt to keep them invisible. Overcoming the temptation to give in to despair or nostalgia, Berardi proposes the notion of "futurability" as a way to remind us that even within the darkness of our current crisis a better world lies dormant. In this volume, Berardi presents the most systematic account to date of his philosophy, making a crucial theoretical contribution to the present and future struggle.

The mind of the South
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Cash, W. J. (1900-1941.)

The mind of the South / W.J. Cash ; with a new introduction by Bertram Wyatt-Brown.

Vintage Books ed.

New York : Vintage Books, 1991.

Abstract: Ever since its publication in 1941, this book has been recognized as a path-breaking work of scholarship and as a literary achievement of enormous eloquence and insight in its own right. From its investigation of the Southern class system to its pioneering assessments of the region's legacies of racism, religiosity, and romanticism, this book defined the way in which millions of readers- on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line- would see the South for decades to come. This new 50th anniversary edition includes an incisive analysis of the author himself and of his crucial place in the history of modern Southern letters.

The idea of Africa
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Mudimbe, V. Y. <1941->

The idea of Africa / V.Y. Mudimbe.

Bloomington London : Indiana University Press ; J. Currey c1994.

African systems of thought

Abstract: A sequel to V. Y. Mudimbe's highly acclaimed "The Invention of Africa", this book maps the "idea" of Africa as conceived in various historical and geographical contexts from the Greeks to the present. Mudimbe focuses on two main issues: the Graeco-Roman thematization of otherness and its articulation in such concepts as barbarism and savagery and the complex process that has shaped the idea of Africa as understood by Europeans. In the considerable intellectual space covered, Africa is outlined as a paradigm of difference. Mudimbe proceeds from an interrogation of a seventeenth-century French translation of the Greek Philostratus's "Icones" to considerations of Greek contacts with the African continent, the Greek paradigm and its power, and the politics of memory. Individual chapters critique the present-day reactivation of Greek texts by black scholars and review contemporary activity in African art. Essential reading for anyone interested in the politics and construction of culture.

The wretched of the earth
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Fanon, Frantz, (1925-1961.)

The wretched of the earth / Frantz Fanon ; translated from the French by Richard Philcox ; introductions by Jean-Paul Sartre and Homi K. Bhabha

New York : Grove Press, 2004

Abstract: Frantz Fanon's seminal work on the trauma of colonization made him the leading anti-colonialist thinker of the twentieth century. Written at the height of the Algerian war for independence from French colonial rule and first published in 1961, it analyses the role of class, race, national culture and violence in the struggle for freedom. Fanon, himself a psychotherapist, makes clear the economic and psychological degradation inflicted by imperialism. Showing how decolonization must be combined with building a national culture, this passionate analysis of relations between the West and the Third World is still illuminating about the world today.

Living in the Ottoman ecumenical community
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Living in the Ottoman ecumenical community : essays in honour of Suraiya Faroqhi / edited by Vera Costantini and Markus Koller.

Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2008.

The Ottoman Empire and its heritage, ; v. 39

Abstract: This book dedicated to Suraiya Faroqhi regards the Ottoman Empire rather as an Ecumenical Community than only as a polity. The contributions included in this volume describe some of the close contacts between various ecumenical communities within and beyond the Ottoman borders, and their interaction in the early modern "one world" to which Ottoman Empire belonged.

Humanism in the renaissance of Islam
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Kraemer, Joel L.

Humanism in the renaissance of Islam : the cultural revival during the Buyid age / by Joel L. Kraemer.

2nd rev. ed.

Leiden ; New York : E.J. Brill, 1992.

Abstract: Under the enlightened rule of the Buyid dynasty (945-1055 A.D.) the Islamic world witnessed an unequalled cultural renaissance. This book is an investigation into the nature of the environment in which the cultural transformation took place and into the cultural elite who were its bearers.

Modern Japanese culture and society
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Modern Japanese culture and society / edited by D. P. Martinez

London ; New York : Routledge, 2007.

Routledge library of modern Japan

Abstract: Since the end of the 1980s, scholarly work on Japan has attempted to escape the bounds of the previous discourse that continuously described it as ‘changing Japan’, a discourse which paradoxically also focused, in the main, on the hierarchical models of this so-called vertical society. While accepting the rapid rate of social change and enduring continuities within Japan, this new wave of work also looked at the micro-level by trying to place people within the framework of ‘the’ Japanese model. The four volumes in this Routledge Major Work bring together the most useful new-wave essays written from the 1990s onwards, together with the several key and ‘classic’ articles written in earlier decades in order to build up a more nuanced portrait of modern Japanese culture and society. The first part of Volume I looks at the macro level of politics and the economy. The second part moves from material focusing on the structure of society to the rise of civil society and the effect the recession in the 1990s has had on individuals. The other three volumes have a similar two-part structure, with a key introductory article―or articles―to set the scene (in addition to the editor’s Introduction to the set as a whole). The focus moves from larger structures, to the life course of individuals in Volume II, through to key issues about Japanese culture in Volume III. Volume IV will address religion and the diversity of contemporary Japanese society. This collection of essential journal articles and other extracts is an important research resource and will be welcomed by all scholars and students of modern Japan.

Revisioning Italy
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Revisioning Italy : national identity and global culture / Beverly Allen and Mary Russo, editors.

Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c1997.

Abstract: This volume covers a range of subjects drawn from Italy and abroad to study the historical and contemporary formations of Italian national identity. In doing so, the work illuminates Italy past and present as well as the local and global dimensions of national identity in general. Whether considering opera or Ninja Turtles, the essays reveal how cultural identity is constructed and manipulated - an issue made urgent by the influx of African, Indochinese, and eastern European immigrants into Italy today. Exile, nationalism, and imagined communities are the topics of several essays, including Antonio Negri's reflection on his own experience of political and exile. Others focus on Italy's colonial "unconscious", Mussolini's adventures in north Africa, and racism from the late 19th century to the present. By analyzing Italy's European and Mediterranean identities, its highly regional character, its north-south economic imbalance, and its ethnic complexity, this interdisciplinary volume should inform and redirect our understanding of what constitutes "Italy".

Renaissance Florence
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Brucker, Gene A.

Renaissance Florence / Gene Brucker.

Berkeley : University of California Press, [1983], c1969.

Abstract: In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the city of Florence experienced the most creative period in her entire history. This book is an in-depth analysis of that dynamic community, focusing primarily on the years 1380-1450 in an examination of the city's physical character, its economic and social structure and developments, its political and religious life, and its cultural achievement.