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The Tso chuan
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Zuoqiu, Ming.

The Tso chuan : selections from China's oldest narrative history / translated by Burton Watson.

New York : Columbia University Press, 1989.

Translations from the Oriental classics

Abstract: A vivid chronicle of events in the feudal states of China between 722 and 468 B.C. the Tso Chuan has longbeen consideredboth a major historical document and and an influential literary model. Covering over 250 years, these historical narratives focus not only on the political, diplomatic, and military affairs of ancient China, but also on its economic and cultural developments during the turbulent era when warring feudal states were gradually working towards unification. ending shortly after Confucius' death in 479 B.C., the Two Chuan provides a background to the life and thought of Confucius and his followers that is available in no other work.

Thinking through Confucius
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Hall, David L.

Thinking through Confucius / David L. Hall, Roger T. Ames.

Albany : State University of New York Press, c1987.

SUNY series in systematic philosophy

The authentic Confucius
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Chin, Ann-ping

The authentic Confucius : a life of thought and politics / Annping Chin.

1st Scribner hardcover ed.

New York : Scribner, 2007.