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The creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787
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Wood, Gordon S. - Institute of Early American History and Culture (Williamsburg, Va.)

The creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787 / by Gordon S. Wood.

Chapel Hill : Published for the Institute of Early American History and Culture at Williamsburg, Va., by the University of North Carolina Press, c1998.

Abstract: This volume describes the evolution of political thought from the Declaration of Independence to the ratification of the Constitution and in the process greatly illuminates the origins of the present American political system. In a new preface, he discusses the debate over republicanism that has developed since the book's original publication by UNC Press in 1969.

Politics & symbols
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Kertzer, David I., (1948-)

Politics & symbols : the Italian Communist Party and the fall of communism / David I. Kertzer.

New Haven : Yale University Press, c1996.

Abstract: In the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and with the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe collapsing, Italian Communist Party (PCI) head Achille Occhetto shocked his party in 1989 by insisting that the PCI jettison its old name and become something new. This dramatic book tells of the ensuing struggle within the PCI, which at the time was Italy's second-largest party and the most powerful Communist party in the West. David I. Kertzer's vivid depiction of the conflict brings to life the tactics that party factions employed and the anguish of party members for whom Communism was the core of their identity. Kertzer also tells a larger story from an anthropologist's perspective: the story of the importance of symbols, myths, and rituals in modern politics. -- Publisher description.