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The three Theban plays
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The three Theban plays / Sophocles ; translated by Robert Fagles ; introductions and notes by Bernard Knox.

Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England ; New York, N.Y. : Penguin Books, 1984.

Penguin classics

Abstract: The legends surrounding the royal house of Thebes inspired Sophocles to create a powerful trilogy of mankind's struggle against fate. "King Oedipus" tells of a man who brings pestilence to Thebes for crimes he doesn't realise he has committed, and then inflicts a brutal punishment on himself. It is a devastating portrayal of a ruler brought down by his own oath. "Oedipus at Colonus" provides a fitting conclusion to the life of the aged and blinded king, while "Antigone" depicts the fall of the next generation through the conflict between a young woman ruled by her conscience and a king too confident in his own authority.

The birth of tragedy and other writings
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Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, (1844-1900.)

The birth of tragedy and other writings / Friedrich Nietzsche ; edited by Raymond Geuss and Ronald Speirs ; translated by Ronald Speirs.

Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, c1999.

Cambridge texts in the history of philosophy

Abstract: The Birth of Tragedy is one of the seminal philosophical works of the modern period. Nietzsche's discussion of the nature of culture, of the conditions under which it can flourish and of those under which it will decline, his analysis of the sources of discontent with the modern world, his criticism of rationalism and of traditional morality, his aesthetic theories and his conception of the 'Dionysiac' have had a profound influence on the philosophy, literature, music, and politics of the twentieth century. This edition presents a new translation by Ronald Speirs and an introduction by Raymond Geuss that sets the work in its historical and philosophical context. The volume also includes two essays on related topics that Nietzsche wrote during the same period, and that throw further light on the themes treated in the main text

Discoveries and opinions of Galileo
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Galilei, Galileo, (1564-1642.)

Discoveries and opinions of Galileo : including The starry messenger (1610), Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina (1615), and excerpts from Letters on sunspots (1613), The assayer (1623) / translated with an introduction and notes by Stillman Drake.

New York : Anchor Books, 1990.

Species of spaces and other pieces
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Perec, Georges

Species of spaces and other pieces / Georges Perec ; edited and translated by John Sturrock.

London, England ; New York, N.Y., USA : Penguin Books, 1997.

Penguin twentieth-century classics

Arthurian romances
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Chrâetien, de Troyes

Arthurian romances / Chrâetien de Troyes ; translated with an introduction and notes by D.D.R. Owen

London : J.M. Dent ; Rutland, Vt. : C.E. Tuttle, [1993]

Death in Venice, Tristan, Tonio Kroger
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Mann, Thomas, (1875-1955.)

Death in Venice, Tristan, Tonio Kroger / Thomas Mann ; translated from the German by H.T. Lowe-Porter.

London : Penguin Books, 1955.

The Oedipus plays of Sophocles
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The Oedipus plays of Sophocles : Oedipus the king, Oedipus at Kolonos, and Antigone / translated by Robert Bagg ; introductions and notes by Robert Bagg and Mary Bagg.

Amherst : University of Massachusetts Press, c2004.

Medea, and other plays
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Medea, and other plays / Euripides ; translated with an introduction by Philip Vellacott.

Baltimore : Penguin Books, c1963.

The Penguin classics ; L129

Abstract: Medea, in which a spurned woman takes revenge upon her lover by killing her children, is one of the most shocking and horrific of all the Greek tragedies. Dominating the play is Medea herself, a towering and powerful figure who demonstrates Euripides' unusual willingness to give voice to a woman's case. Alcestis, a tragicomedy, is based on a magical myth in which Death is overcome, and The Children of Heracles examines the conflict between might and right, while Hippolytus deals with self-destructive integrity and moral dilemmas. These plays show Euripides transforming the awesome figures of Greek mythology into recognizable, fallible human beings.

Selections from cultural writings
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Gramsci, Antonio, (1891-1937.)

Selections from cultural writings / Antonio Gramsci ; edited by David Forgacs and Geoffrey Nowell-Smith ; translated by William Boelhower.

Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1985.

Jewish poet and intellectual in seventeenth-century Venice
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Sullam, Sara Copia

Jewish poet and intellectual in seventeenth-century Venice : the works of Sarra Copia Sulam in verse and prose, along with writings of her contemporaries in her praise, condemnation, or defense / Sarra Copia Sulam ; edited and translated by Don Harrâan

Chicago and London : University of Chicago Press, c2009

Abstract: The first Jewish woman to leave her mark as a writer and intellectual, Sarra Copia Sulam (1600-41) was doubly tainted in the eyes of early modern society by her religion and her gender. This remarkable woman, who until now has been relatively neglected by modern scholarship, was a unique figure in Italian cultural life, opening her home in the Venetian ghetto to Jews and Christians alike as a literary salon. For this bilingual edition, Don Harran has collected all of Sulam's previously scattered writings - letters, sonnets, a manifesto - into a single volume. Harran has also assembled all extant correspondence and poetry that was addressed to Sulam, as well as all known contemporary references to her, making them available to Anglophone readers for the first time. Featuring rich biographical and historical notes that place Sulam in her cultural context, this volume will provide readers with insight into the thought and creativity of a woman who dared to express herself in the male-dominated, overwhelmingly Catholic Venice of her time.

Pensâees and other writings
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Pascal, Blaise

Pensâees and other writings / Blaise Pascal ; translated by Honor Levi ; with an introduction and notes by Anthony Levi

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008

Abstract: For much of his life Pascal (1623-62) worked on a magnum opus which was never published in its intended form. Instead, he left a mass of fragments, some of them meant as notes for the Apologie. These were to become known as the Pensees, and they occupy a crucial place in Western philosophy and religious writing. Pascal's general intention was to confound scepticism about metaphysical questions. Some of the Pensees are fully developed literary reflections on the human condition,, some contradict others, and some remain jottings whose meaning will never be clear. The most important are among the most powerful aphorisms about human experience and behaviour ever written in any language. This translation is the only one based on the Pensees as Pascal left them. It includes the principal dossiers classified by Pascal, as well as the essential portion of the important Writings on Grace. A detailed thematic index gives access to Pascal's areas of concern, while the selection of texts and the introduction help to show why Pascal changed the plan of his projected work before abandoning the book he might have written.

The world and other writings
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Descartes, Renâe

The world and other writings / Renâe Descartes ; translated and edited by Stephen Gaukroge

Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 199

Cambridge texts in the history of philosop

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Abstract: Descartes' The World offers the most comprehensive vision of the nature of the world since Aristotle, and is crucial for an understanding of his later writings, in particular the Meditations and Principles of Philosophy. Above all, it provides an insight into how Descartes conceived of natural philosophy before he started to reformulate his doctrines in terms of a sceptically driven epistemology. Of its two parts, the Treatise on Light introduced the first comprehensive, quantitative version of a mechanistic natural philosophy, supplying a theory of matter, a physical optics, and a cosmology. The Treatise on Man provided the first comprehensive mechanist physiology. This volume also includes translations of material important for an understanding of the work: related sections from the Dioptrics and the Meteors, and an English translation of the complete text of The Description of the Human Body.

Basic writings of Nietzsche
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Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, (1844-1900.)

Basic writings of Nietzsche / introduction by Peter Gay ; translated and edited by Walter Kaufmann.

Modern Library ed.

New York : Modern Library, 2000.

Abstract: Six works selected from Nietzsche's writings, including "The Birth of Tragedy," "Beyond Good and Evil," and "On the Genealogy of Morals" reflect the philosopher's critique of Western morality and insights into Christianity and art.

The Levinas reader
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Lâevinas, Emmanuel

The Levinas reader / Emmanuel Levinas ; edited by Seâan Han

Oxford, UK ; Cambridge, MA, USA : B. Blackwell, 198

Blackwell reade

Abstract: Emmanuel Levinas has been Professor of Philosophy at the Sorbonne and the director of the Ecole Normale Israelite Orientale. Through such works as "Totality and Infinity" and "Otherwise than Being", he has exerted a profound influence on twentieth-century continental philosophy, providing inspiration for Derrida, Lyotard, Blanchot and Irigaray. "The Levinas Reader" collects, often for the first time in English, essays by Levinas encompassing every aspect of his thought: the early phenomenological studies written under the guidance and inspiration of Husserl and Heidegger: the fully developed ethical critique of such totalizing philosophies: the pioneering texts on the moral dimension to aesthetics: the rich and subtle readings of the Talmud which are an exemplary model of an ethical, transcendental philosophy at work: the admirable meditations on current political issues. Sean Hand's introduction gives a complete overview of Levinas's work and situates each chapter within his general contribution to phenomenology, aesthetics, religion, politics and, above all, ethics. Each essay has been prefaced with a brief introduction presenting the basic issues and the necessary background, and suggesting ways to study the text further

Philosophical occasions, 1912-1951
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Wittgenstein, Ludwig

Philosophical occasions, 1912-1951 / Ludwig Wittgenstein ; edited by James C. Klagge and Alfred Nordmann.

Indianapolis : Hacket Pub. Co., c1993.

Abstract: An indispensible resource, this collection of Wittgenstein's key shorter works -- in some cases expanded and corrected -- offers the full German text of those selections originally written in German. Highlights include 'Notes for the 'Philosophical Lecture', an essay on private language and experience, published here for the first time; an emended version of the crucially important 'Notes for Lectures on Private Experience and Sense Data'; and 'Remarks on Frazer's Golden Bough', Wittgenstein's ground-breaking critique of Frazer's classic study of magic and religion. Fifteen selections that span the development of Wittgenstein's thought, his wide range of interest, and his methods of philosophical investigation offer subtle insights into the character and personality of their author. Included are reflections on ethics, language, logic, experience, culture, anthropology, the nature of philosophy, aesthetics, and mathematics. Together they take us a step closer toward an accurate and rounded picture of the lifelong philosophical activity of one of the most intriguing philosophers of the twentieth century.

Basic writings
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Heidegger, Martin, (1889-1976)

Basic writings : from Being and time (1927) to The task of thinking (1964) / Martin Heidegger ; edited, with general introduction and introductions to each selection by David Farrell Krell

Rev. and expanded ed

[San Francisco, Calif.] : HarperSanFrancisco, c1993

Abstract: This revised and expanded edition of Martin Heidegger's Basic Writings includes ten key essays and the Introduction to Being and Time . Basic Writings is a concise introduction to the thought of this controversial and important twentieth-century philosopher. David Farrell Krell has expanded and improved this collection by adding The Way to Language' and including the complete version of The Origin of the Work of Art'. The complete selection is: Being and Time: Introduction What is Metaphysics? On the Essence of Truth The Origin of the Work of Art Letter on Humanism Modern Science, Metaphysics, and Mathematics The Question Concerning Technology Building Dwelling Thinking What Calls for Thinking? The Way to Language The End of Philosophy and the Task of Thinking

Perpetual peace
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Kant, Immanuel, (1724-1804.)

Perpetual peace / Immanuel Kant ; translated by Mary Campbell Smith

New York, NY : Cosimo, 2005

Selected writings
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Baudrillard, Jean

Selected writings / Jean Baudrillard ; edited and introduced by Mark Poster.

2nd ed., rev. and expanded.

Cambridge, UK : Polity, 2001.

Abstract: Jean Baudrillard, alternately provocative and astonishing, is one of the leading theorists of media and culture. Regarded by many as the chief prophet of postmodernism, his writings raise important issues about the changing nature of social and political life in our contemporary, media--saturated age. This book makes his most important writings available in a single volume. It includes selections from the entire range of his work, from his early writings on consumer culture and the political economy of the sign to his more recent work on desire, simulation and the a hyperreala . This new edition includes five new extracts from Baudrillarda s writings in the 1990s, including his writings on the Gulf War, on the internet and his autobiographical reflections. It also includes an updated introduction by Mark Poster which provides an extremely lucid overview of Baudrillarda s work. Jean Baudrillard: Selected Writings is an excellent introduction to the thought of one of the most important and influential thinkers of our day.

The pilgrim city
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Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo.

The pilgrim city : social and political ideas in the writings of St. Augustine of Hippo / [edited] by R.W. Dyson.

Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK ; Rochester, NY : Boydell Press, 2001.

Abstract: The political and social ideas of St Augustine of Hippo are of central importance to the historian of late classical and medieval political thought: Augustine offers a penetrating critique of the moral and political claims of imperial Rome, and he is one of the founders of the Christian political thought of the middle ages. But the student's task is made difficult by the fact that Augustine did not write a single, systematic political treatise. His political remarks are always incidental to his theological and pastoral concerns; they occur in many different contexts; they have to be dissected out from a great variety of works. In this volume, Dr Dyson brings together an extensive selection of primary sources and provides a detailed commentary on them. The result is a full and wide-ranging narrative account of St Augustine's thinking on the human condition, justice, the State, slavery, private property and war. This comprehensive sourcebook will be of value to students of St Augustine at all levels. Dr R W Dyson lectures in the department of politics, University of Durham.

Selected writings
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Marx, Karl, (1818-1883.)

Selected writings / Karl Marx ; edited by David McLellan.

2nd ed.

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.

Abstract: This second edition of McLellan's comprehensive selection of Marx's writings includes carefully selected extracts from the whole range of Marx's political, philosophical and economic thought. Each section of the book deals with a different period of Marx's life with the sections arranged in chronological order, thus allowing the reader to trace the development of Marx's thought, from his early years as a student and political journalist in Germany right through to his final letters of the early 1880s. The inclusion of extracts from some of Marx's less well-known works alongside selections from classic texts such as The Communist Manifesto and Capital provides the reader with an unparalleled overview of Marx's thinking, whilst Professor McLellan's fully updated and revised introduction and bibliographical notes accompanying each extract put Marx's writings into biographical and historical context. This edition also includes a general bibliography and a full index of names and ideas as well as a new general introduction for each section of the book by Professor McLellan. As with the first edition, this comprehensive and clearly structured selection of Marx's writings will be essential reading for all those interested in the political thought of this perennially important figure in Western political philosophy.