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Ignorance and uncertainty
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Smithson, Michael.

Ignorance and uncertainty : emerging paradigms / Michael Smithson.

New York : Springer-Verlag, c1989.

Abstract: Ignorance and Uncertainty overviews a variety of approaches to the problem of indeterminacies in human thought and behavior. This book examines, in depth, trends in the psychology of judgment and decision-making under uncertainty or ignorance. Research from the fields of cognitive psychology, social psychology, organizational studies, sociology, and social anthroplogy are reviewed here in anticipation of what Dr. Smithson characterizes as the beginning of a "creative dialogue between these researchers". Ignorance and Uncertainty offers the conceptual framework for understanding the paradigms associated with current research. It discusses the ways in which attitudes toward ignorance and uncertainty are changing, and addresses issues previously ignored.

Nonlinear preference and utility theory
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Fishburn, Peter C.

Nonlinear preference and utility theory / Peter C. Fishburn.

Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, c1988.

Johns Hopkins series in the mathematical sciences ; 5