S1705 Shakespeare’s Venice

S1706 Entertainment Business. Venice and the Invention of Commercial Music Theater

S1710 Comparing East and West (Cultures of the World core)

S1711 Otherness, Race and Culture

S1713 The Method of Science in Transcultural Perspective

S1717 Globalization, Social Pathology, and the Question of Healing

S1718 Globalization, Environment and Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Sp. Track)

S1719 Cities, Global Change and Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Sp. Track)

S1721 Listening to the Lagoon City. Lost Islands (Sustainable Development Sp. Track)

S1723 Macroeconomics and Economic Crises (Sustainable Development Sp. Track)

S1724 Innovation and Social Changes (Sustainable Development Sp. Track)

S1725 Societal Issues of the Automobile (Sustainable Development Sp. Track)

S1726 The Mysteries of Italian Port Cities