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International economics
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Krugman, Paul R.

International economics : theory and policy / Paul R. Krugman, Maurice Obstfeld.

4th ed.

Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley, c1997.

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Abstract: Focusing on international economics, this work provides an analytical framework for understanding the international economy. The first half of the text deals with trade, the second half with the monetary aspect of international economics. Each half starts with a step-by-step formulation of the analytical model, followed by applications chpaters, where the model is applied to issues and policy questions.

The handbook of international trade and finance
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Grath, Anders <1943->

The handbook of international trade and finance : the complete guide for international sales, finance, shipping and administration / Anders Grath.

Fourth edition.

London : Kogan Page 2016

Leading issues in economic development
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Leading issues in economic development / [edited by] Gerald M. Meier, James E. Rauch.

8th ed.

New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.

Foreign aid in practice
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Browne, Stephen.

Foreign aid in practice / Stephen Browne.

London : Pinter Reference 1990

Rethinking international trade
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Krugman, Paul R.

Rethinking international trade / Paul R. Krugman

Cambridge, Mass. ; London : MIT press, 1990

Future positive
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Edwards, Michael <1957->

Future positive : international co-operation in the 21st century / by Michael Edwards.

Rev. ed.

Sterling, VA : Michael Edwards Publications, c2004.

Abstract: Annotation ; Published to worldwide acclaim in 1999, Future Positive has helped to revolutionize our thinking about international cooperation. This revised edition updates the arguments of the book to take account of the events of September 11, 2001, and offers an optimistic counterblast to unilateralism. A refreshingly optimistic assessment of the prospects for a new international order - a direct counter-blast to the doom-mongering views of writers and politicians whose voices dominate the debate. For those in search of politics and economics that are more humane and less destructive, this book will be an inspiration and an essential, practical resource. It explains how the international system operates, the pressures it faces and the changes it must undergo, and offers concrete ideas to re-frame international relations, foreign aid and humanitarian intervention without jargon or simplistic judgments.

International economics: theory and policy
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Krugman, Paul R.

International economics: theory and policy / Paul R. Krugman, Maurice Obstfeld, Marc Melitz

10 ed

Noida (Uttar Pradesh), India : Pearson India, 2015

International finance
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Sercu, Piet.

International finance : theory into practice / Piet Sercu.

Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2009.

Abstract: International Finance presents the corporate uses of international financial markets to upper undergraduate and graduate students of business finance and financial economics. Combining practical knowledge, up-to-date theories, and real-world applications, this textbook explores issues of valuation, funding, and risk management. International Finance shows how theoretical applications can be brought into managerial practice. The text includes an extensive introduction followed by three main sections: currency markets; exchange risk, exposure, and risk management