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The theory and practice of autonomy
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Dworkin, Gerald <1937->

The theory and practice of autonomy / Gerald Dworkin.

New York : Cambridge University Press, 1988.

Cambridge studies in philosophy

Abstract: This important new book develops a new concept of autonomy. The notion of autonomy has emerged as central to contemporary moral and political philosophy, particularly in the area of applied ethics. professor Dworkin examines the nature and value of autonomy and uses the concept to analyse various practical moral issues such as proxy consent in the medical context, paternalism, and entrapment by law enforcement officials.

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Lauer, Josh <(Professor of communication),>

Creditworthy : a history of consumer surveillance and financial identity in America / Josh Lauer.

New York, NY : Columbia University Press [2017]

Abstract: The first consumer credit bureaus appeared in the 1870s and quickly amassed huge archives of deeply personal information. Today, the three leading credit bureaus are among the most powerful institutions in modern life—yet we know almost nothing about them. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are multi-billion-dollar corporations that track our movements, spending behavior, and financial status. This data is used to predict our riskiness as borrowers and to judge our trustworthiness and value in a broad array of contexts, from insurance and marketing to employment and housing. In Creditworthy, the first comprehensive history of this crucial American institution, Josh Lauer explores the evolution of credit reporting from its nineteenth-century origins to the rise of the modern consumer data industry. By revealing the sophistication of early credit reporting networks, Creditworthy highlights the leading role that commercial surveillance has played—ahead of state surveillance systems—in monitoring the economic lives of Americans. Lauer charts how credit reporting grew from an industry that relied on personal knowledge of consumers to one that employs sophisticated algorithms to determine a person's trustworthiness. Ultimately, Lauer argues that by converting individual reputations into brief written reports—and, later, credit ratings and credit scores—credit bureaus did something more profound: they invented the modern concept of financial identity. Creditworthy reminds us that creditworthiness is never just about economic "facts." It is fundamentally concerned with—and determines—our social standing as an honest, reliable, profit-generating person.

Creating consumers
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Goldstein, Carolyn M. <1962->

Creating consumers : home economists in twentieth-century America / Carolyn M. Goldstein.

Chapel Hill\: University of North Carolina Press, c2012.

Abstract: Home economics emerged at the turn of the twentieth century as a movement to train women to be more efficient household managers. At the same moment, American families began to consume many more goods and services than they produced. To guide women in this transition, professional home economists had two major goals: to teach women to assume their new roles as modern consumers and to communicate homemakers' needs to manufacturers and political leaders. Carolyn M. Goldstein charts the development of the profession from its origins as an educational movement to its identity as a source of consumer expertise in the interwar period to its virtual disappearance by the 1970s. Working for both business and government, home economists walked a fine line between educating and representing consumers while they shaped cultural expectations about consumer goods as well as the goods themselves. Goldstein looks beyond 1970s feminist scholarship that dismissed home economics for its emphasis on domesticity to reveal the movement's complexities, including the extent of its public impact and debates about home economists' relationship to the commercial marketplace.

To govern China
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To govern China : evolving practices of power / edited by Vivienne Shue, University of Oxford; Patricia M. Thornton, University of Oxford.

First paperback edition.

Abstract: This book presents a uniquely dynamic and fluid model of political evolution in the world's largest and most powerful authoritarian regime.

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Thaler, Richard H. <1945->

Nudge : improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness / Richard H. Thaler, Cass R. Sunstein.

Rev. and expanded ed.

New York : Penguin Books, 2009.

Abstract: Every day we make decisions, and we don't always choose well. The authors of this book believe that the reason for this is that we are all susceptible to cognitive biases and blunders that make us prone to error. But they demonstrate how we can use our human fallability and the way we think to our advantage. ; Every day, we make decisions on topics ranging from personal investments to schools for our children to the meals we eat to the causes we champion. Unfortunately, we often choose poorly. The reason, the authors explain, is that, being human, we all are susceptible to various biases that can lead us to blunder. Our mistakes make us poorer and less healthy; we often make bad decisions involving education, personal finance, health care, mortgages and credit cards, the family, and even the planet itself.Thaler and Sunstein invite us to enter an alternative world, one that takes our humanness as a given. They show that by knowing how people think, we can design choice environments that make it easier for people to choose what is best for themselves, their families, and their society. Using colorful examples from the most important aspects of life, Thaler and Sunstein demonstrate how thoughtful choice architecture can be established to nudge us in beneficial directions without restricting freedom of choice. Nudge offers a unique new takefrom neither the left nor the righton many hot-button issues, for individuals and governments alike. This is one of the most engaging and provocative books to come along in many years.

Keeping the nation's house
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Schneider, Helen M. - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. : Department of History.

Keeping the nation's house : domestic management and the making of modern China / Helen M. Schneider.

Vancouver : UBC Press, c2011.

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Whitehead, Mark <1975->

Neuroliberalism : behavioural government in the twenty first century / Mark Whitehead, [and four others].

London ; New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group 2018

Religion in contemporary China
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Religion in contemporary China : revitalization and innovation / edited by Adam Yuet Chau.

Milton Park, Abingdon ; New York, NY : Routledge 2011

Abstract: Before the modernist transformations of the twentieth century, China had one of the richest and most diverse religious cultures in the world. The radical antitraditionalist policies of both the Republican and Communist regimes as well as other socio-historical factors posed formidable challenges to China's religious traditions but, this book argues, these conditions also presented new opportunities for regeneration and innovation. It shows that economic reforms and the concurrent relaxation of religious policies have provided fertile ground for the revitalization of a wide array of religious practices, including divination, ancestor worship, temple festivals, spirit mediumism, churchgoing, funeral rites, exorcism, pilgrimages, sectarianism, sutra chanting, and the printing and distribution of morality books. Equally new forms of religious practices have emerged such as lay Buddhist preachers, "Maoist shamans", and a range of qigong sects/schools. Written by an international, interdisciplinary team of experts who have all conducted in-depth fieldwork research in China, this book provides a wide-ranging survey of contemporary religious practices in China. It examines the different processes and mechanisms of religious revivals and innovations, and, more broadly, relates the Chinese example of religious revitalization to larger issues of social and cultural continuity and change. (back cover).

Social engineering and the social sciences in China, 1919-1949
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Chiang, Yung-chen.

Social engineering and the social sciences in China, 1919-1949 / Yung-chen Chiang.

New York : Cambridge University Press, 2001.

Cambridge modern China series

Discipline and punish
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Foucault, Michel

Discipline and punish : the birth of the prison / Michel Foucault ; translated from the French by Alan Sheridan

London : Penguin books, 1991

Abstract: Before the early 19th century, European ideas of crime and punishment tended to involve very public displays of the power of the monarch and the power of the state against the offending individual. Nowhere was this tendency more evident than in the spectacle of public executions. Those convicted of murder, piracy, counterfeiting, or other notable capital crimes would be taken to a public place for hanging or decapitation, and certain kinds of crimes warranted particularly gruesome punishments. In Discipline and Punish, social theorist Michel Foucault directly confronts and challenges a number of existing ideas surrounding the prison reforms of the late 1700s and early 1800s, and even into the twentieth century. By looking at the evolution of justice systems (focusing primarily on France), he suggests that the shift away from public executions and towards the idea of incarceration and reform within prison walls was a means of reframing the image of the power of society over the individual. Public executions often had the effect of making a criminal into a public martyr, and the ballads and broadsides printed for the common people did less to condemn the crime and more to glorify the criminal. By shifting the focus of justice into the prison and out of the public eye, authorities would have more direct control over the lives of those who had violated the norms of society.

Education, culture, and identity in twentieth-century China
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Education, culture, and identity in twentieth-century China / edited by Glen Peterson, Ruth Hayhoe, and Yongling Lu.

Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, c2001.

Abstract: From the founding of China's first modern school system in the late Qing dynasty through the republican era to the latest educational developments in the People's Republic of China, this book seeks to understand how developments in education contributed to, and were in turn influenced by, cultural patterns and the ongoing search for identity by individuals, collectivities, and states. Its sixteen contributors explore three themes that have enlivened China studies in recent years: sino-foreign interactions, state-society relations, and gender representation and identification.

Controlling time and shaping the self
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Baggerman, Arianne.

Controlling time and shaping the self : developments in autobiographical writing since the sixteenth century / edited by Arianne Baggerman, Rudolf Dekker, Michael Mascuch.

Boston : Brill, 2011.

Abstract: This book explores new questions and approaches to the rise of autobiographical writing since the early modern period. What motivated more and more men and women to write records of their private life? How could private writing grow into a bestselling genre? How was this rapidly expanding genre influenced by new ideas about history that emerged around 1800? How do we explain the paradox of the apparent privacy of publicity in many autobiographies? Such questions are addressed with reference to well-known autobiographies and an abundance of newfound works by persons hitherto unknown, not only

The French Revolution and the creation of Benthamism
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Blamires, Cyprian.

The French Revolution and the creation of Benthamism / Cyprian Blamires.

New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

Abstract: The first study of how Genevan Etienne Dumont, and his traumatic experience of the French Revolution, shaped the reception and presentation of 'Benthamism' and masked the true face of Jeremy Bentham, one of the architects of modern society who visualised a new world based on the values of transparency, accountability, and economy.

Interventions and policies to enhance wellbeing
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Interventions and policies to enhance wellbeing / edited by Felicia A. Huppert and Cary L. Cooper.

Chichester, West Sussex : John Wiley & Sons 2014 Chichester, West Sussex : John Wiley & Sons 2014

Abstract: Using an evidence-based approach and case studies from a wide range of life domains, Interventions and Policies to Enhance Well being examines the most successful existing strategies to promote well being and mental health. Discusses the results of the latest research in the science of well being and their implications for improved learning, creativity, productivity, relationships, and health Covers interventions for individuals across the lifespan, as well as those for organizations, communities, and entire populations