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The school of history
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Munn, Mark Henderson.

The school of history : Athens in the age of Socrates / Mark Munn.

Berkeley ; Los Angeles ; London : University of California Press, c2000.

Abstract: History, political philosophy, and constitutional law were born in Athens in the space of a single generation--the generation that lived through the Peloponnesian War (431-404 b.c.e.). This remarkable age produced such luminaries as Socrates, Herodotus, Thucydides, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, and the sophists, and set the stage for the education and early careers of Plato and Xenophon, among others. The School of History provides the fullest and most detailed intellectual and political history available of Athens during the late fifth century b.c.e., as it examines the background, the context, and the decisive events shaping this society in the throes of war. This expansive, readable narrative ultimately leads to a new understanding of Athenian democratic culture, showing why and how it yielded such extraordinary intellectual productivity. As both a source and a subject, Thucydides' history of the Peloponnesian War is the central text around which the narrative and thematic issues of the book revolve. Munn re-evaluates the formation of the Greek historiographical tradition itself as he identifies the conditions that prompted Thucydides to write--specifically the historian's desire to guide the Athenian democracy as it struggled to comprehend its future. The School of History fully encompasses recent scholarship in history, literature, and archaeology. Munn's impressive mastery of the huge number of sources and publications informs his substantial contributions to our understanding of this democracy transformed by war. Immersing us fully in the intellectual foment of Athenian society, The School of History traces the history of Athens at the peak of its influence, both as a political and military power in its own time and as a source of intellectual inspiration for the centuries to come.

To be a Muslim
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Hassan bin Talal, Prince of Jordan.

To be a Muslim : Islam, peace, and democracy / His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal ; in collaboration with Alain Elkann.

Brighton, UK ; Portland, Or. : Sussex Academic Press, 2004.

The paradox of liberation
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Walzer, Michael.

The paradox of liberation : secular revolutions and religious counterrevolutions / Michael Walzer.

Abstract: Many of the successful campaigns for national liberation in the years following World War II were initially based on democratic and secular ideals. Once established, however, the newly independent nations had to deal with entirely unexpected religious fierceness. Michael Walzer, one of America's foremost political thinkers, examines this perplexing trend by studying India, Israel, and Algeria, three nations whose founding principles and institutions have been sharply attacked by three completely different groups of religious revivalists: Hindu militants, ultra-Orthodox Jews and messianic Zionists, and Islamic radicals. In his provocative, well-reasoned discussion, Walzer asks, Why have these secular democratic movements been unable to reproduce their political culture beyond one or two generations? In a postscript, he compares the difficulties of contemporary secularism to the successful establishment of secular politics in the early American republic-thereby making an argument for American exceptionalism but gravely noting that we may be less exceptional today.

Globalization and democracy
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Rosow, Stephen J.

Globalization and democracy / Stephen J. Rosow and Jim George.

Abstract: Combining theory with compelling case studies, this book examines the globalizing world of democracy. Noted critical scholars Stephen J. Rosow and Jim George argue that democracy must be understood not as a unified concept but as a diversity of political responses to specific conditions and political struggles. Doing so reveals how democracy is taking multiple forms around the world in response to neoliberal globalism and to state control of everyday life. The authors show how the current phase of globalization is destabilizing the dominance of Western democracy promotion, as resisters challenge common understandings and forms of democracy.

Contesting democracy
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Mèuller, Jan-Werner <1970->

Contesting democracy : political thought in twentieth-century Europe / Jan-Werner Mèuller.

New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, c2011.

Abstract: This is the first major account of political thought in 20th-century Europe - both East and West - to appear since the end of the Cold War. The author pays particular attention to ideas advanced to justify fascism and how they relate to the special kind of liberal democracy that was created in postwar Western Europe. This book is the first major account of political thought in twentieth-century Europe - both West and East - to appear since the end of the Cold War. Skillfully blending intellectual, political, and cultural history, Jan-Werner Muller elucidates the ideas that shaped the period of ideological extremes before 1945 and the liberalization of West European politics after the Second World War. He also offers vivid portraits of famous as well as unjustly forgotten political thinkers and the movements and institutions they inspired. Muller pays particular attention to ideas advanced to justify fascism and how they relate to the special kind of liberal democracy that was created in postwar Western Europe. He also explains the impact of the 1960s and neoliberalism, ending with a critical assessment of today's self-consciously post-ideological age.

Critical citizens
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Critical citizens : global support for democratic government / edited by Pippa Norris.

New York : Oxford University Press, 1999.