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The civilization of Europe in the Renaissance
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Libri Moderni

Hale, J. R. (1923-)

The civilization of Europe in the Renaissance / John Hale.

1st American ed.

New York : Atheneum ; Toronto : Maxwell Macmillan Canada ; New York : Maxwell Macmillan International, 1994. poi: New York : Touchstone, 1994

Abstract: The masterpiece of Britain's leading Renaissance scholar. Winner of the Time-Life Silver Pen Award and The Royal Society of Literature Award. 'A superb evocation of the Europe of the "long 16th-century", wonderfully fresh and rich in its copious illustrative detail, full of innumerable delights. The book is the summation of John Hale's career as a historian, and as the crowning achievement of a master-designer whose richly fabricated works have given so much pleasure.' John Elliot, Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford. 'The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance' is the most ambitious achievement of Britain's leading Renaissance historian. John Hale has painted on a grand canvas an enthralling portrait of Europe and its civilization at a moment when 'Europe' first became an entity in the minds of its inhabitants. John Hale's Renaissance has no compartments. With astonishing range and subtlety of learning, he paints a gigantic picture of the age, enlivened by a multiplicity of themes, people and ideas. It contains memorable descriptions of painting, sculpture, poetry, architecture and music, but Hale is not simply concerned with the arts. He examines the dramatic changes during the period in religion, politics, economics and global discoveries. And throughout his book approaches the art of war and the art created for princes from the point of view of their impact on the imaginations, sensibilities and lives of ordinary people.

The Italian Risorgimento
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Riall, Lucy

The Italian Risorgimento : state, society, and national unification / Lucy Riall.

London ; New York : Routledge, 1994

Historical connections

Jewish life in Renaissance Italy
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Bonfil, Robert.

Jewish life in Renaissance Italy / Robert Bonfil ; translated by Anthony Oldcorn.

Berkeley : University of California Press, c1994.

The living & the dead
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Tumarkin, Nina.

The living & the dead : the rise and fall of the cult of World War II in Russia / Nina Tumarkin.

New York, NY : Basic Books, c1994.

The making of the Arab-Israeli conflict, 1947-51
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Pappe, Ilan

The making of the Arab-Israeli conflict, 1947-51 / Ilan Pappe

London New York : Tauris, 1994

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Idinopulos, Thomas A.

Jerusalem : a history of the holiest city as seen through the struggles of Jews, Christians, and Muslims / Thomas A. Idinopulos.

1st Elephant paperback ed.

Chicago : Ivan R. Dee, Publisher, 1994.

American scene
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James, Henry

American scene / Henry James ; edited and with an introduction by John F. Sears.

New York : Penguin Books, 1994.

Penguin classics

Gluck auf!
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Gluck auf! : la chiave d'uso per il dizionario / a cura di Paola Pasotti e Luisa Sartirana

Firenze : Sansoni, [1994]

Dizionari Sansoni

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Commemorations : the politics of national identity / edited by John R. Gillis.

Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1994.

Abstract: "Memory is as central to modern politics as politics is central to modern memory. We are so accustomed to living in a forest of monuments, to having the past represented to us through museums, historic sites, and public sculpture, that we easily lose sight of the recent origins and diverse meanings of these uniquely modern phenomena. In this volume, leading historians, anthropologists, and ethnographers explore the relationship between collective memory and national identity in diverse cultures throughout history. Placing commemorations in their historical settings, the contributors disclose the contested nature of these monuments by showing how groups and individuals struggle to shape the past to their own ends."

Tiepolo and the pictorial intelligence
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Alpers, Svetlana.

Tiepolo and the pictorial intelligence / Svetlana Alpers, Michael Baxandall.

New Haven : Yale University Press, c1994.

Abstract: Tiepolo is an example of the specifically pictorial intelligence. This book is both a study of his art and an argument for fuller recognition of the peculiarities of the painters' representational medium. Svetlana Alpers and Michael Baxandall locate distinctive modes of Tiepolo's representation of the world and human action; follow his process of invention from first pen drawings through small oil-sketches to great frescoes; and analyze his best and biggest painting, the "Four Continents", in the Stairway Hall of the Prince-Bishop's Residence at Wurzburg, which is illustrated with photographs specially taken for the book. The topics taken up include: painting's resistance to enacted narrative drama, its engagement with indeterminacies and repetitions, the senses in which painters may "perform" both past art and themselves, the constructive roles of gestural drawing, the exploitation of shifts of scale between design and finished work, the dialogue between the changing natural site lighting and in-picture lighting, contributions made by the beholder's own mobility, the expressive scope of tensions between two and three dimensions, the deep rationale of rococo formal structure, and the sources of the moral force of pictures that lack an explicit moral. The book - both art criticism and a practical polemic - ends with an annotated gazetteer for travellers, listing those Tiepolo paintings that can still be seen in the places and conditions for which he painted them.

The war of the fists
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Davis, Robert C. (1948-)

The war of the fists : popular culture and public violence in late Renaissance Venice / Robert C. Davis.

New York : Oxford University Press, 1994.

Abstract: This social history explores early-modern Venetian society through the lens of the festive combat which involved all classes, but especially the city's more marginal workers. It employs four different topical approaches: the social geography of Venetian factionalism; the structure of combat itself; the festive world which grew up around the encounters, providing workers with an alternative society of their own; and the response of the Venetian patriciate, government and police to this largely uncontrollable, plebeian entertainment.

American scene
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James, Henry

American scene / Henry James ; edited and with an introduction by John F. Sears.

New York : Penguin Books, 1994.

Penguin classics

Abstract: After living abroad for 20 years, Henry James returned to his native America and travelled down the East Coast from Boston to Florida. This a journal describing his feelings on the rediscovery of the New York of his childhood, and the growth of modern commercial America. He muses on Thoreau, Hawthorne and Emerson; in Washington, he finds a cityscape devoid of spiritual symbols; in Richmond, thoughts of the civil war haunt him. Published in 1907, this journal also served as a farewell address to the country James would never live in again.

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Spinoza, Benedictus de, (1632-1677.)

Ethics / by Benedict de Spinoza ; translated by Edwin Curley ; with an introduction by Stuart Hampshire.

London : Penguin Books,1994.

Abstract: Published shortly after his death, the Ethics is undoubtedly Spinoza's greatest work - an elegant, fully cohesive philosophical system that strives to provide a coherent picture of reality, and to comprehend the meaning of an ethical life. Following a logical step-by-step format, it defines in turn the nature of God, the mind, the emotions, human bondage to the emotions, and the power of understanding - moving from a consideration of the eternal, to speculate upon humanity's place in the natural order, the nature of freedom and the path to attainable happiness. A powerful work of elegant simplicity, the Ethics is a brilliantly insightful consideration of the possibility of redemption through intense thought and philosophical reflection.

Eat drink man woman.
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Videoregistrazioni: DVD

Ang Lee

Eat drink man woman.


Abstract: His follow-up to his breakthrough success The Wedding Banquet (1993), Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) is another wise comedy-drama of manners about life, love, and the Taiwanese generation gap. With food as the sensory analogue to familial relationships, Lee's attention to detail deftly mines the varied emotions as well as the humor in master chef Mr. Chu's attempts to deal with his adult daughters' different stabs at independence (and his own burgeoning romance) as he loses his sense of taste. The superb opening scene of Mr. Chu's bravura preparation of the customary, and resented, Sunday family feast not only reveals the affection for his daughters that he cannot articulate, but also is guaranteed to inspire cravings for gourmet Chinese food. Praised for its charm and skill, Eat Drink Man Woman became another genial art house hit for Lee and earned him his second Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film.

Why do Catholics do that
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Johnson, Kevin Orlin

Why do Catholics do that : a guide to the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church / Kevin Orlin Johnson.

1st Ballantine books trade paperback ed.

New York : Ballantine Books, c1994.

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Libri Moderni

Siedentop, Larry

Tocqueville / Larry Siedentop

Oxford New York : Oxford university press, 1994

Past masters

Abstract: Alexis de Tocqueville born of aristocratic parents shortly after the French Revolution, was to become the first great European Liberal. At an early age, he distanced himself from the prejudices of his class and entered the Restoration government after the fall of Napoleon. His growing alarm at the dangers of the new tyranny - centralization - led him to travel to America to observe a federal society to evolution, and the result was his most famous work, "Democracy in America". His energetic concern with the need of all citizens to participate in the organization of their lives - and the consequences for the overall moral tenor of the society - also led him to examine the roots of the French Revolution in "The Ancient Regime" (1856).

History of economic analysis
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Libri Moderni

Schumpeter, Joseph Alois, (1883-1950.)

History of economic analysis / by Joseph A. Schumpeter ; edited from manuscript by Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter ; with a new introduction by Mark Perlman.

New York : Oxford University Press, [1994]

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Libri Moderni

McEachern, William A.

Macroeconomics : a contemporary introduction / William A. McEachern

3. ed

Cincinnati, Ohio

Il sistema   maggioritario   italiano , 1860-1918
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Il sistema maggioritario italiano , 1860-1918 : elezioni, collegi e deputati nel Veneto liberale / a cura di Luca Pes

Verona : Cierre, 1994

Quaderno di venetica

European economic integration
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Libri Moderni

European economic integration / [edited by] Frank McDonald and Steven Dearden.

2nd ed.

London ; New York : Longman, 1994.

Abstract: Covering the basic economics of the EC, this text combines the underlying theory of economic integration with a wide range of policy issues. This edition contains four new chapters and addresses topics from a European rather than national perspective.