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The nature of blood
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Phillips, Caryl.

The nature of blood / Caryl Phillips.

London : Vintage / Random House, 2008.

Abstract: A novel about personal crisis and momentous social conflict, Caryl Phillips sixth novel tells the inextricably linked stories of a young Jewish woman growing up in mid-twentieth-century Germany, and an African general hired by the Doge to command his armies in sixteenth-century Venice. At the heart of these stories is Europe's age-old obsession with race, with similarity and difference, with blood. This is a novel about how we define ourselves and consequently, it is about the most dangerous and nightmarish aspects of our identity.

The Jew in the medieval world
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Marcus, Jacob Rader, (1896-)

The Jew in the medieval world : a source book, 315-1791 / Jacob Rader Marcus ; with an introduction and updated bibliography by Marc Saperstein.

Rev. ed.

Cincinnati : Hebrew Union College Press, c1999.

The illustrated history of the Jewish people
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The illustrated history of the Jewish people / edited by Nicholas De Lange ; with essays by Jane S. Gerber ... [et al.].

New York : Harcourt Brace, c1997.

Recovered roots
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Zerubavel, Yael.

Recovered roots : collective memory and the making of Israeli national tradition / Yael Zerubavel.

Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1995.

Abstract: This text argues that because new nations need new pasts, they create new ways of commemorating and recasting select historic events. The author, Yael Zerubavel, illuminates this process by examining the construction of Israeli national tradition. In the years leading to the birth of Israel, Zerubavel shows, Zionist settlers in Palestine consciously sought to rewrite Jewish history by reshaping Jewish memory. Zerubavel focuses on the nationalist reinterpretation of the defense of Masada against the Romans in 73 CE and the Bar Kokhba revolt of 133-135; and on the transformation of the 1920 defense of a new Jewish settlement in Tel Hai into a national myth. Zerubavel demonstrates how, in each case, Israeli memory transforms events that ended in death and defeat into heroic myths and symbols of national revival. Drawing on a broad range of official and popular sources and original interviews, Zerubavel shows that the construction of a new national tradition is not necessarily the product of government policy but a creative collaboration between politicians, writers and educators. Her discussion of the politics of commemoration demonstrates how rival groups can turn the past into an arena of conflict as they posit competing interpretations of history and opposing moral claims on the use of the past. Zerubavel analyzes the emergence of counter-memories within the reality of Israel's frequent wars, the ensuing debates about the future of the occupied territories, and the embattled relations with Palestinians. This book should appeal to historians, sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists and folklorists, as well as to scholars of cultural studies, literature and communication.

The Jews of Medieval Western Christendom, 1000-1500
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Chazan, Robert.

The Jews of Medieval Western Christendom, 1000-1500 / Robert Chazan.

Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2006.

Cambridge medieval textbooks

Abstract: Between the years AD 1000 and 1500, western Christendom absorbed by conquest and attracted through immigration a growing number of Jews. This community was to make a valuable contribution to rapidly developing European civilization but was also to suffer some terrible setbacks, culminating in a series of expulsions from the more advanced westerly areas of Europe. At the same time, vigorous new branches of world Jewry emerged and a rich new Jewish cultural legacy was created. In this important new historical synthesis, Robert Chazan discusses the Jewish experience over a 500 year period across the entire continent of Europe. As well as being the story of medieval Jewry, the book simultaneously illuminates important aspects of majority life in Europe during this period. This book is essential reading for all students of medieval Jewish history and an important reference for any scholar of medieval Europe.

I will bear witness
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Klemperer, Victor, (1881-1960.)

I will bear witness : a diary of the Nazi years, 1942-1945 / Victor Klemperer ; translated by Martin Chalmers.

Modern Library paperback ed.

New York : Modern Library, 2001.

At the mind's limits
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Amâery, Jean

At the mind's limits : contemplations by a survivor on Auschwitz and its realities / Jean Amâery ; translated by Sidney Rosenfeld and Stella P. Rosenfe

Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c19

Abstract: At the Mind's Limits is the story of one man's incredible struggle to understand the reality of horror. In five autobiographical essays, Amery describes his survival--mental, moral, and physical--through the enormity of the Holocaust. Above all, this masterful record of introspection tells of a young Viennese intellectual's fervent vision of human nature and the betrayal of that vision.

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Wiesel, Elie, (1928-)

Night / Elie Wiesel ; translated from the French by Marion Wiesel.

1st ed. of new translat

New York, NY : Hill and Wang, a division of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2

The reawakening
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Levi, Primo.

The reawakening / Primo Levi ; translated by Stuart Woolf.

New York : Collier Books, c1986.

Abstract: First published in English in 1965, "The Reawakening" is Primo Levi's bestselling sequel to his classic memoir of the Holocaust, "Survival in Auschwitz." The inspiring story of Levi's liberation from the German death camp in January 1945 by the Red Army, it tells of his strange and eventful journey home to Italy by way of the Soviet Union, Hungary, and Romania. Levi's railway travels take him through bombed-out cities and transit camps, with keen insight he describes the former prisoners and Russian soldiers he encounters along the way. An extraordinary account of faith, hope, and undying courage, "The Reawakening" was praised by Irving Howe as "a remarkable feat of literary craft."

Under his very windows
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Zuccotti, Susan, (1940-)

Under his very windows : the Vatican and the Holocaust in Italy / Susan Zuccotti.

New Haven : Yale University Press, c2000.

Abstract: Pope Pius XII has often been criticized for his silence during the extermination of European Jewry during World War II. In his defense, some have alleged that the pope was doing a great deal to help the Jews but that his efforts were necessarily behind the scenes. This meticulously researched and balanced book examines exactly what the pope, his advisers, and his assistants at the Vatican Secretariat of State did to help the Jews of Italy. It finds that they did very little. The book begins by discussing prewar Vatican and Jesuit publications, in which Zuccotti uncovers a hitherto unsuspected prevalence of anti-Jewish sentiment. These publications, along with archival documents, indicate that Vatican protests against Italian anti-Jewish laws were limited to measures affecting converts and Jews in mixed marriages with Catholics, as was help with emigration; the papal nuncio's visits to foreign Jews in Italian internment camps did not differ from those to non-Jews and in no way eased their material discomfort; and interventions by diplomats of the Holy See for Jews threatened with deportation were rare, always polite, and seldom decisive. Above all, Zuccotti finds no evidence of a papal directive to church institutions to shelter Jews and much evidence to suggest that the pope remained uninvolved. The notion that Pius XII was benevolent and helpful to Jews behind the scenes proves to be a myth.

The Italians and the Holocaust
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Zuccotti, Susan, (1940-)

The Italians and the Holocaust : persecution, rescue, and survival / Susan Zuccotti ; introduction by Furio Colombo.

Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c1996.

Abstract: Eighty-five percent of Italy's Jews survived World War II. Nevertheless, more than six thousand Italian Jews were destroyed in the Holocaust and the lives of countless others were marked by terror. Susan Zuccotti relates hundreds of stories showing the resourcefulness of the Jews, the bravery of those who helped them, and the inhumanity and indifference of others. For Zuccotti, the Holocaust in Italy began when the first "black-shirted thug" poured a bottle of castor oil down the throat of his victim, or when the dignity of a single human being was violated. She writes: "We might examine again how most Italians behaved from the onset of fascism...Did they do as much as they could? Or should they, and the Jews as well, have recognized the danger sooner, with the first denial of liberty and free speech? We might also ask ourselves whether we, as creatures without prejudice, would act as well as most Italians did under similar pressures. Would we risk our lives for persecuted minorities? Would we be more sensitive to the first assaults upon our liberties, when the only ones really hurt in the beginning are Communists, Socialists, democratic anti-Fascists, and trade unionists? And finally, we might be more aware than we are of the horrors that a racist lunatic fringe can commit, even in the best of societies." Susan Zuccotti teaches modern European history at Columbia University. She is also the author of The Holocaust, the French, and the Jews. The introduction by Furio Colombo was translated into English for this edition. The author of God in America: Religion and Politics in the United States, Colombo is professor of Italian Studies at Columbia.

I escaped from Auschwitz
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Vrba, Rudolf.

I escaped from Auschwitz / Rudolf Vrba.

Fort Lee, N.J. : Barricade Books, c2002.

While six million died
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Morse, Arthur D.

While six million died : a chronicle of American apathy / Arthur D. Morse.

Woodstock, N.Y. : Overlook Press, 1983, c1968.

Yours is a precious witness
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Marchione, Margherita.

Yours is a precious witness : memoirs of Jews and Catholics in wartime Italy / Margherita Marchione.

New York : Paulist Press, c1997.

Jewish life in Renaissance Italy
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Bonfil, Robert.

Jewish life in Renaissance Italy / Robert Bonfil ; translated by Anthony Oldcorn.

Berkeley : University of California Press, c1994.

Benevolence and betrayal
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Stille, Alexander.

Benevolence and betrayal : five Italian Jewish families under fascism / Alexander Stille.

New York : Summit Books, c1991.

The kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara
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Kertzer, David I., (1948-)

The kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara / David Kertzer.

1st ed.

New York : Alfred Knopf, 1997.

The Jews of Italy
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Garvin, Barbara.

The Jews of Italy : memory and identity / edited by Bernard D. Cooperman and Barbara Garvin.

Potomac : University Press of Maryland, 2000.

The Jews in Fascist Italy
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De Felice, Renzo, (1929-)

The Jews in Fascist Italy : a history / Renzo De Felice ; preface by Michael A. Ledeen ; translated from Italian by Robert L. Miller ; notes and documents translated from the Italian by Kim Englehart.

1st English ed.

New York : Enigma Books, c2001.

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The ghetto of Venice
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Calimani, Riccardo, (1946-)

The ghetto of Venice / Riccardo Calimani ; translated by Katherine Silberblatt Wolfthal.

New York : M. Evans, c1987.